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Wireless 2-way Solar Siren

Wireless solar power siren is a kind of alarm device with strong popularity. it communicate with alarm panel, detector , remote etc. Which work with the same frequency as the siren and achieve flash light and alarm sound when alarm happen. This siren has anti-tamper function to avoid intentional damage or dismantle. When alarm happens it make high alarm sound.
◎ Can enroll 48 wireless devices.
◎ Solar-powered, polycrystalline silicon solar board.
◎ Acoustic, optical alarm, with tamper alarm.
Static current:≤12mA                                                                  Alarm current:≤ 500 mA     
Transmit /Receiving distance:100m(in open area)                      Alarm volume:around 100dB           
Transmit /Receiving frequency:433MHz/868MHz    


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